NovoTex serves all types of customers from Mexico and Central and South America

Our customers are resellers, retailers, and small buyers from all over Mexico and Central and South America — and beyond. We can accommodate the needs of many buyers including:

  • Truckload and container buyers
  • Large wholesalers and distributors
  • Retailers & flea market operators
  • Small buyers looking for highly customized pallets of clothing

We work with customers looking to maximize their sales with products sorted for variety, season, style, and gender.

Distributors/Resellers – NovoTex reduces the costs and the risks for our resellers, helping them grow their businesses and make more money. Because of our customized, high-quality products, resellers find they can sell the product quickly at a profitable markup.

Retailers – Boutique and high-end retailers have grown their businesses with NovoTex because of our unique buying process and excellent customer service. They can manage their ordering process to get exactly the products that they need. The variety of products, control of sizes, and clear value pricing makes it easy to get a great return on investment.

Flea Market, Local and Internet Sales – Small buyers who are looking to buy bags of clothing have come to rely on NovoTex for our variety of brands and excellent quality. These local buyers and weekend warriors are growing their businesses weekly and increasing the profits they take home to their families.

Serving resellers, retailers, and small buyers from Mexico, Central and South America — and beyond!

Mexico – Our customers from Mexico have found the quality, price and close proximity to El Paso, Texas a great formula for business growth.

Central America – Our Central American customers have purchased through consolidated shipping as well as full container loads. Our customers are located in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, and we continue to look for new buyers in the Central America region.

South America – We look forward to growing our sales in Santiago, Iquique, Arica, Chile as well as Bolivia, Perú, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

Our buyers have come to trust the quality and the reliability of our products. We know you will too!

We strive to be the best at what we do, so we can make your job easier! Our buyers come from Mexico and Central and South America, and we are looking forward to growing in new areas.

Contact us today so we can show you our high-quality products.