Buy exactly what you want for your specific store and your specific needs

We stock by season so you can find clothing you know you can sell:

  • Women’s clothing in summer or winter
  • Men’s clothing in summer or winter
  • Children’s clothing in summer or winter
  • Clothing accessories in summer or winter
  • Winter jackets
  • Household items (sheets, comforters, blankets, etc.)
  • Pajamas
  • Swimsuits
  • Athletic clothing
  • Premium handbags
  • Intimate wear
  • Mixed underwear, socks, and more

Buying Store Overstocks Can Be Hard, But Not at NovoTex

Other providers NovoTex
REPEATED ITEMS – No one can sell 300 of the same pink dresses in a size small. With other providers, you regularly get more repeated items than you can possibly sell. NO REPEATS – LOTS OF VARIETY – We limit repeated items so you only get what you can sell, and sell quickly. Most handbags have a limit of 2 repeated items. We ensure you can sell it all, and get a great return on your investment.
NO VARIETY – Not only are there too many repeated items, the items are often too similar — too much of the same type of product, making it difficult to move product quickly. LOTS OF VARIETY – We provide a blend of products so you get the most diversity. We buy great product from the best department stores, then blend them together so you get the best of both worlds — lots of high quality product with plenty of variety in each shipment of clothes.
WRONG SEASON – Often it’s hard to get the right season’s clothing when you need it. If half of the order is winter and you need summer, you get stuck with product that you can’t sell for 6 months. RIGHT SEASON – NovoTex separates the summer from the winter so you can buy products for the season that you need. Sell faster and make more money.
WRONG GENDER – You know what sells fast in your market, but you have no control over what other providers send. You are stuck with product you know you won’t sell quickly. CHOOSE MEN’S, WOMEN’S, OR CHILDREN’S – You choose the product you want so that you get the right product for the right time. Need more women’s products at Mother’s Day or men’s at Father’s Day? No problem at NovoTex. You know exactly what you are getting!
UNCERTAINTY – You never know what you are going to get. You may or may not be able to recover your investment in a reasonable amount of time. Your business deserves better than that! CONFIDENCE – At NovoTex, you can look at the product before you buy so that you can buy in total confidence.