Now you can save time and money with Novotex

Wholesale purchases will no longer require costly travel

Tired of making expensive trips for shopping wholesale? With NOVOTEX, this is a thing of the past. One of the goals of NOVOTEX as a supplier of new clothes and shoes, is to provide its customers the benefits offered to travel to distant cities, but enjoy the comfort of our facilities in El Paso, Texas.

Rest assured knowing that Novotex constantly working to improve and innovate so you can increase your sales. You also save on travel costs and avoid unnecessary storage and inventories stagnate. With NOVOTEX as your wholesale supplier, you can establish your business and segment practical and effective way.

Our goal is your comfort.

NOVOTEX is a wholesale company that recognizes the need for marketers to establish and grow their businesses, and thus works incessantly to offer new products, the best quality and the best price.

Our privileged location on the border of Mexico and the US allows us to offer competitive prices, as well as give you the opportunity to visit our facilities without major transportation costs. If it is required, we also offer direct shipments, which is an added convenience.

Quality and confidence now at your fingertips

In NOVOTEX, we know that our customers strive to offer unique products that are attractive to the market. Therefore, we also strive to bring together select items, totally new and affordable.

Generally, wholesale supply shops mixed items, ie, you can find clothing man, woman, boy and girl mixed, regardless of season, size or type of clothing. This results in extra work for you, it requires separate clothes, and store it is not “season”, asking additional storage costs and raising the risk that something might happen to your merchandise ..

With NOVOTEX, this is over. We recognize the needs of our customers, so we decided to segment our products, so if your market is women, or men, or sportswear, we ensure only deliver packages that meet only these profiles.

In addition, the clothing we offer is current season, so you do not have to worry about storing items of another season. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have existing garments, which may be sold immediately, thus avoiding storage costs, extra investment in inventories and past fashion items.

Your business is our business.

In business, success involves constantly innovate. Many of our customers tell us they started selling a certain type of articles and ended up majoring in other completely different. Some started with menswear and women, and ended up focusing solely on women’s clothing. Other selling women’s clothes, but changed to see that their customers requested them more sportswear casual clothes. One of the great challenges that our customers were experiencing, was the difficulty of focusing its business on specific orders, as wholesale clothing regularly comes without being previously separated. In NOVOTEX, we understand this need and that is why we decided to focus our work on bringing only selected items, your real customer focused, and with the best quality on the market.

Separate clothing, store and malbaratar which does not serve you, is a thing of the past!

We know the complications that generates a stagnant inventory, investments paralyzed and have items that are probably out of fashion. Therefore we strive daily to bring you select, modern and best quality garments. Part of our daily commitment is to provide our customers merchandise that can be sold immediately and generate steady income.

One of the main complaints we hear from retailers is that the wholesale product packages often contain items that do not fit the profile of your current customers. For example, they receive toys and children’s clothing when their actual market are women. This often ends up forcing sellers to “top off” these items, representing their monetary losses. So in NOVOTEX we decided to reinvent ourselves and seek solutions and constant improvements to ensure optimal service.

We’re here to serve you!

In NOVOTEX, our commitment is to you. Let us work hand in hand to provide improvements to your business. On our website you can find more details about our services, products, and our prime location. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us because for us the priority is you.

We are ready to welcome you and help you grow your business. We will wait for you!.

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