We know that great product sells. We scour the United States and Canada to find the very best overstock new clothes, shoes, accessories, and household goods so that you can grow your business.

Buy with confidence — get what you want when you need it!

Our goal at NovoTex is to grow your company.

Your company grows when you can:

  • Increase cash flow by turning your money faster
  • Reduce percentage of unsellable product
  • Get the right product for the right season

Make more money, more quickly!

Variety, quality, and price — NovoTex products are the best

We work hard to select quality clothes, shoes, housewares, and accessories, and then we sort them by category so that you can buy with confidence. We want our customers to receive products that are:

  • Free from defect
  • The styles you want
  • The quality that you need
  • At a price that keeps you coming back to us again and again

NovoTex ensures that you get exactly what you pay for so that you can get the sales you need to grow your business.

Your time = your money. We make it easy for you to make money.

We use our purchasing power and our extensive contacts within the the resale industry to get the best possible prices. We want to keep our prices low so that you can turn your product quickly and efficiently.

  • Because of our unique selling method, you save time (which also means saving money!).
  • We make it easy for you to get what you need in the right styles and the right seasons.
  • You can focus on selling instead of the expense and hassle of buying.

Our business only grows once we have been able to grow your business. Your success is our goal!

Our success is built on customer satisfaction

Our success is built on the trust we have developed with our customers and our ability to consistently meet expectations — not just on the first sale but each and every visit after. Our loyal customers keep coming back because they make money with each purchase.

As your trusted supplier, we want to help you grow your business, just as we have been able to help so many people already.