Novotex promotes retail suppliers through differentiated and specialized sales

In addition to focusing on selling food, shopping malls or supermarkets usually offer the possibility of purchasing clothes, electronics, shoes, toys, furniture, and even motorcycles, all in one place. However, if we want to purchase a specific product, like a pair of sneakers or a computer, usually comes to mind visiting a shop devoted exclusively to that turn. Why is that instead of taking advantage and make our purchases in one place, keep visiting specific trades? The answer is very simple specification.

By nature, human beings tend to separate products by types or categories, we place fruits and cold meats separate from vegetables, keep cleaning products with others of the same type and to separate our garments in different places depending on their type. This is because by nature, the human being likes order, it is much easier for the brain to process places and items when they are segmented by category.

Similarly it happens with shopping, which naturally tend to go to places that offer us specific products because we feel that the variety is greater than in miscellaneous shops.

Sectored offer, the key to success

According to several market research , the sectorizada offer is the key to increasing sales in small shops and cope with large squares and malls.

These studies were conducted in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. In them could figure out how to offer specialized sales or, in other words, sell a single type, he helped local businesses to increase their sales by up to 50%.

According to Carlos Canepa, director of Post SAC, one of the project partners (with JMC and traders) to segment sales or sell a single type of articles is the key to success, as this avoids clutter, product mixture and therefore customer confusion.

If you’re a retailer and you dedicate yourself to selling clothes wholesale or paca, imagine that the following question is surely crossing your mind right now ….

How I can apply my specialized retail business sale?

One of the main questions that retailers are asking is how can I increase sales in my business? If the answer is to apply the principle of specialized sale.
Specialized sales is to focus only on one type of customer by offering a specific product. As mentioned above, people find it easier to shop in places where they sell products of one particular type, therefore flock to stores to buy tennis sports shoes instead of buying them in supermarkets.

The same goes for your business: for your current customers will be much easier to keep you in mind if you focus on the distribution of a specific product.

As a retailer of wholesale, often it can be difficult to define or decide which product focus, so we recommend you to consider the following suggestions to help you make the right decision:

  1. Analyzes the time shift or sale takes each product: What is the first product to be sold whenever surtes merchandise? And conversely What is the product that takes to be acquired? If your product is the most sought sportswear and clothes lady, you should consider your sales focus exclusively on these segments.
  2. Listen to your customers: Usually your customers are the main thermometer of your business. Do you sell extras sizes? Do you sell shoes child? Do you sell menswear? Perhaps you recognize some of the above as frequently asked questions your clients or acquaintances. If so, we recommend you take note and you seek to satisfy most requests.
  3. Analyze your market: Who are your current customers? Are women, men, housewives, working women? The answer to these questions can be a guideline to identify the needs of people around you, as if you already surtes that product can increase distribution, and even if you do not, you can increase your sales offer. Years ago, my mother received compliments constant for the clothes he used. Without hesitation, he set to work and thus began a small business that sold clothes to her friends and office mates, which eventually provide extra income and a list of about 50 monthly clients that allowed him to give the down payment the house in which we live now. Do not hesitate and start working so dream!

Mixed Offer, the problem of current wholesale.

One of the main complaints that prompted us to create permanent changes in Novotex were constant complaints about retail suppliers vendors wholesale. Often after identify which segment wanted to direct, retailers faced another major problem, as dealers sell stocks without being previously separate items. This situation forced traders to have to resell the goods they were not helpful and failing to finish her off. This ended up causing economic losses, since the trader should consider that approximately 40% of your investment will not be reflected in articles for their effective clientele, causing economic losses of time and extra inventory.

Novotex, Innovando you.

Novotex, always attentive to the needs of customers, detected this situation and decided to end these problems by selecting and previous segmentation of the garments, as well as offering selected items of the best quality, Novotex, it is given the task of separate them according to your needs. If you want clothes lady takes only lady, and if you want clothing child, clothing acquired only child … so simple and so easy!

Now, resell garments or rematarlas thing of the past, as only offering clothes for your current clients, your efforts are focused on immediate sales, which is reflected in automatic income.

Do not hesitate and let us propel the growth of your business! You can find more information about our products and services in or our Facebook page where you will find promotions, news and many more surprises.

In Novotex, our commitment is to you!