Novotex rewards its frequent clients with preferential benefits

Novotex leading sales wholesale, seeks to reward the loyalty of its frequent customers and provide improvements to ensure sales. Therefore, Novotex, has decided to implement preferential benefits for the sole purpose of reward.

VIP lists

In Novotex, we know the importance of making purchases at the right time ( timely supply ) and so we have created a new reward system for you.
This is the VIP lists or preferential lists, which are designed to provide special benefits to the most special customers. .

VIP customers, VIP benefits

Part of our commitment to you is constant innovation and improvement in our services, which are constantly reviewed to bestow promotions that drive your business.
Our VIP customers will have the opportunity to be on a list that not all customers have access, counting on it with the following rewards:

  • More practical: Forget long distance calls or emails that are slow to be answered, because now you’ll have convenient communication channel.
  • more agile service: In addition to answer immediately, you’ll learn the latest news instantly, which will allow you to know in advance the products that will be telling.
  • Free communication service: We answer your questions quickly and free. Forget about paying for long distance calls because now you’ll have an effective means of direct communication.
  • Priority: you’ll learn about our promotions, new items and offers before any other of our customers.

How I can be VIP client?

You are probably wondering requirements you need to have to have such benefits and the answer is quite simple …

You just have to add us to WhatsApp! —- at (915-316-0781).

Now you will have a direct line of communication in the palm of your hand that will let you find out before anyone else the latest news and promotions.

To add us to WhatsApp have a way to contact you, and receive answers to your questions immediately, you will benefit by the following implementations:

  • Primary offerings: Before anyone about what’s new in Novotex! To contact us via WhatsApp, you will have exclusive access to our promotions and offers, as these will be announced here before on other platforms like our website and Facebook .
  • unique promotions: Many promotions will publish in WhatsApp will be published only by that means, this in order to give priority to our VIP clients.
  • Customer priority: we give priority over customers ordering through other channels, all to ensure that you can purchase the products before they run out of our inventory.
  • Display our new products: Upon receipt of new items will be posting photos of them in our states of WhatsApp. Also, if you want to receive information from any type of product or require view images thereof, we provide you the fast.

In Novotex, we want to make things easier and make your purchasing process something practical and effective. With our improvements, we reiterate our commitment to you to commit to reduce your expenses on travel and calls, in order to maximize your profits.
In Novotex, Our commitment to you!