4 Tips to increase your sales

Dress your business better and increase your profits

We currently find numerous examples that can allow us to increase sales and face our competition. In this post we collect 5 strategies or tips to apply in your business, and that will help you boost your sales and to have the preference of your customers.

1. Communicate with your clients

Communication with your customers is a key point in terms of increased sales. This must be present in 2 ways:

In your store: Communicate to your customers if there are offers or clothing at auction, write on a poster if you have a promotion or if there are specials. A simple poster can make the difference between a sale that is made and one that is not, because many times people have to ask.

Digitally: Today, most communications are made on social networks … take advantage! Open a facebook account for your business and share in it your promotions or new merchandise. You can make videos by sharing images of the new products that arrive to you. An online communication channel can make the difference in your long-term sales: give yourself the opportunity and take advantage.

2.  Take advantage of special dates

Throughout the year there are endless special dates that encourage the purchase of gifts. Take advantage of them and do special promotions. You can offer offers on items that you already have auctioned, that is, if the father’s day comes, offer your customers the promotion that in the purchase of an item they take another at a special price (the latter being auction goods). So you take advantage to sell your seasonal clothes and take out the products that you already have on sale.

3. Window dressing

Generally, we consider that the showcases or showcases are reserved for expensive stores, however this is not the case. Having a mannequin that shows some of your clothes can be the key to attract people to your business and make a sale.

You can place special or seasonal clothes in it and give yourself the task of changing it regularly, so that people can see that you have a variety of products and styles.

Puedes colocar prendas especiales o de temporada en el mismo y darte a la tarea de cambiarlo regularmente, para que las personas puedan ver que cuentas con variedad de productos y estilos.

4.  Coupons and cards

The purpose of the next point is to engage your sporadic customers and get them to become frequent customers. Is to provide a card that for example contains your data as a phone or whatsapp and also serves as a coupon. In it you can go putting a mark or stamp each time the person makes a purchase and offer a “prize” when it comes to purchase number 10, for example.

Many times, when you make your 5th purchase they give you a discount and in the 10th they give you a lower price item. You decide the promotions, the important thing is to keep the client active in your business.

At Novotex, we know the importance of maintaining a close relationship with our customers. Therefore we seek to offer you useful information to improve your sales, not only by offering you competitive prices and the best quality, but also by giving you the tools to support you to implement improvements in your business.

At Novotex, our commitment is you!