Sectorized offer, the key to increase your sales

According to recent market studies applied in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, retailers tend to increase their sales by up to 50% if engaged in specialized sectorized offer or sale. This sales technique has proven its effectiveness to attract customers in retail and wholesale trade, as well as increase sales in the short and long term.

What is sectorizada offer?

The sectored, specialized differentiated sale or selling, offering for sale refers to is directed to a single type of customer or a single type of product. Shops bathing suits, sports shoes and cell phones, are examples of sectored offers.

The key to success of specialized sale located in our brains. The human brain finds it easier to process information when this is grouped by segment is why naturally keep separate clothing, food, shoes, etc. Our minds do this type of segmentation to process your location more easily, and the same is true when buying.

Abarroteras wholesalers or supermarkets offer such diverse products ranging from food to baby clothes. However, when making the purchase decision, usually our brain thinks in specialized stores because it assumes that as only sell one type items, will offer more variety of it.

That is why, even in the supermarket selling sports shoes, usually we go to specialty stores for purchase, as these are the first to come to mind.

How to apply your specialized business sale?

You’re probably wondering how to apply these techniques to your retail business, but do not worry, then we will give a series of recommendations to find out how you can segment your turn and specialize your sales.

A. Analyze your current sales: What are the first items to be sold? Who are your current customers? The answers to these questions can be greatly specialization you should give your sales. Analyze our current sales is always the first pattern, as this we realize what items are successful with our customers as well as those who sell, and why we must constantly make this observation.

B.- Listen to your customers and friends Perhaps now you focus on selling clothes in general, though maybe sportswear is the most requested and you should give priority, or perhaps you dedicate yourself to sell several items but your customers are looking for footwear. Listen to your customers is always the best thermometer to analyze your business, because they will give the response that often needs are not being met. For example, my mother received many compliments on the clothes used, so he decided to sell clothing lady in her spare time. As her friends and potential clients were women working, he decided to personally bring clothes to their homes where they could choose the clothes they liked. Soon, this small business that began as extra income, culminating in giving the initial capital to buy our house.

Novotex supports the retail supplier in specializing in sales

In Novotex, we listen to our customers and are committed to its prosperity. Why we are different from our competitors by offering new clothes, quality, the best styles, and even better segmented for your customers.

And you complicate not reselling clothing does not fit your current customers and specialize your Novotex sale. If you want clothes lady, lady purchase only, or if you want to sportswear, buy only sport. In Novotex, we adapt to your needs.

Do not hesitate and let us propel the growth of your business! You can find more information about our products and services in or our Facebook page where you will find promotions, news and many more surprises.

In Novotex, our commitment is to you!