Novotex, the leader in balance sales

NovoTex has demonstrated its superiority in selling wholesale items.

As far as sales of wholesale are concerned, there are countless companies that promise to boost and support the sales of retail suppliers, however, there are really very few who take this task seriously and seek to provide their consumers with optimal products. quality, at the best price, and with ease in its acquisition.

At Novotex, we reiterate our commitment to retail suppliers, as we seek to provide an excellent service that guarantees our buyers the maximization of their resources to obtain desired profits.

NovoTex against the competition

At NovoTex, we took on the task of listening to your most frequent complaints regarding the purchase of wholesale with the competition and decided to put an end to them:

-Same styles:

Many times, competitors buy whole lots of the same style. Therefore, when buying clothes of balance, the styles end up being practically the same. That is, you buy 30 kg of clothing of which 18kg are identical shirts of different colors only, which affects your sales because your customers do not want to always use the same (always wear the same clothes)..

-Repeated clothes:

Competitors sell pallets from unmixed stores: often, the suppliers of wholesale buy items or lots only from one store and those lots are not scrambled or mixed for sale. When selling clothes from a single store and without separation, the customer ends up acquiring a whole lot of baby clothes, or girl pants, or men’s swimsuits, which affects their sales because it does not have a variety of styles. 

-Footwear tousled and often incomplete:

We often see that the footwear is incomplete and totally out of season, because again the balance wholesalers do not separate and sell you lots with winter boots, crocs, children’s tennis shoes and some even without pair.

-Long timeouts:

The delivery of lots can be a very slow process and you can wait up to 2 months to receive your purchase. All this causes expenses and therefore losses, by not counting promptly with your articles. This without mentioning long distance calls, travel and other additional expenses.

Up to 30% shabby clothes:

Most vendors wholesale not given time to separate and much less to check out the merchandise, so products are often defective and even in some cases broken, which makes them impossible to sell, causing you losses.

Novotex is different

In search of always providing the best services, Novotex is crowned as the leader in supplying retailers, placing itself well above its competitors, distinguishing itself with the following improvements in its services:

-Top quality garments:

We seek to offer the best quality in terms of sales wholesale. Therefore, we are dedicated as a team to manually check each of the garments to minimize defects and offer fashionable clothing and in excellent condition.

-Great Variety:

When purchasing clothes in Novotex, you can rest easy, because you will have a supply of items that will be to everyone’s taste your customers. Much of our daily effort is to offer products for all tastes, ages and sizes, to ensure your sales and your customer preference.

Mix and select items from several distributors:

We do not like to offer equal items, that is, we look for that when you buy with us you have the peace of mind that you will find a variety of styles. For this reason, we supply ourselves with several wholesale distributors, thus achieving a great variety of styles and products.

-Macy’s, Marshall’s, Tj Maxx & Costco:

Our commitment is to offer you quality and we want it to be the hallmark of our company. When you buy wholesale at Novotex, you’ll be acquiring clothes from Macy’s, Marshalls, Tj Maxx and Costco, so forget about offering second-rate clothes or items that are broken or in bad condition. The claims of your customers for defective clothing are a thing of the past. Now you can rest easy, because you will be offering the best quality and style, and of course at the best price.

-Lotes and armed:

Forget about waiting for up to 2 months for your clothes to be delivered to you, because you take them with you instantly. We have armed and separated lots, ready to be delivered at the moment. Forget about “spinning” and making calls to see when your merchandise will arrive, because with NovoTex you win from the first day..

NovoTex is your best choice!

Do not think twice, NovoTex, the leader in balance sales is your best option! Forget about having unnecessary losses and expenses and start seeing increases in your sales and profits.

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At NovoTex, our commitment is you!